Willis Jackson is a supporting main character in Diff'rent Strokes. Willis is played by Todd Bridges in the show. 

Willis Jackson
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Nationality African American
Ethnicity Black
Hair Color: Black
Age: Born 1965
Birthplace Harlem
High School Student
Domestic partner(s): Charlene
Related to: Arnold Jackson (Brother), Kimberly Drummond (adoptive sister), Phillip Drummond (Adoptive Father), Lucy Jackson (mother) unnamed father, Mertle (distant cousion), Hans Van-Drummond (Adoptive cousion), Maggie Drummond (Adoptive Stepmother), Sam (Adoptive Step-brother)
Hometown New York City
Character information
Appeared on: Different Strokes
Character played by: Todd Bridges
Diff'rent Strokes Poster

Trivia Edit

  • Willis wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.