Mr. Horton owned a bicycle shop, and was also involved in child pornography.  

When Arnold Jackson and his friend, Dudley Ramsey visit Mr. Horton at his bycicle shop, he gives them wine, desserts, games, nude pictures of himself, an X-rated magazine, and even an X-rated cartoon involving Mice. Mr. Horton later wanted to touch Dudley, but he was arrested instead.

Trivia Edit

  • At the beginning of both episodes, Conrad Bain (The actor who played Mr. Drummond) delivers a message about the episode's subject of child molestation being a deep concern for everyone. At the end of the concluding episode, Conrad Bain makes a PSA saying, "If you know of a problem with child sexual abuse, please contact your local law enforcement or social service agency."
  • Due to the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, Todd Bridges, who portrays Willis on the show, stated in the film An Open Secret that this episode made him increasingly uncomfortable.
  • Though intended to be educational, the episodes are considered among the most disturbing of the entire series.