Kimberly Drummond is the only biological daughter of Phillip Drummond and the adopted sister to Willis and Arnold Jackson. She was played by Dana Plato. Despite always striving for goals and trying to be mature and independent, she would usually talk and act immaturely. When she left, Phillip Drummond's new wife and her son joined the cast.

Kimberly Drummond

Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White (Caucasian)
Hair Color: Blond
Age: Born 1964
Dancer, Private School Student
Related to: Mrs. Drummond (Deceased Mother), Phillip Drummond (Father), Arnold Jackson, Willis Jackson (adoptive brothers), Sophia (Aunt), Phillip's Mother (Paternal Grandmother), Heinrich Van Drummond, Martha Van Drummond (Distant Relatives), Hans (cousin), Maggie Drummond (Step-mother), Sam (Step-brother)
Hometown New York City
Character information
Character played by: Dana Plato
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